DIY Foam Stamps

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I love using stamps in my art. While store-bought stamps can be really cool, I've always found it more enjoyable to make my own. Usually, I carve an eraser or a lino block. Today, I thought I'd share an easy and cheap way to make stamps with foam.

First, I cut up some foam squares to use as the bases for the stamps.

Foam Squares

Then, I cut out a shape and used a pen to "carve" details into the shape. The result is what would be the stamped image. You can use any pointy object to do this as long as it doesn't poke holes into the foam. You can also just have a plain shape without any details.

I used Mod Podge to glue the foam shape to a square. You can use whatever glue you have on hand. I actually recommend using school glue (like Elmer's) because I've found it much easier to use for this project.

You can also use your pen or other pointy object to "carve" directly into one of the foam squares.

All the stamps I made:

Foam stamps

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