Using Found Objects as Stamps

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Sometimes I like looking around the house for things I can use for art. I frequently find objects that I can use as stamps. This was one of those times. Pictured below are the items I found: a plastic fork, chapstick, and a clip for chip bags.

fork, chapstick, and clip

The plastic fork is one of many I have leftover from when I lived in a college dorm. The chapstick I've had laying around for a while. I occasionally use it to make printed images waterproof. The clip was a freebie I was given but unlikely to use.

Below are the results of stamping with these:

I used light blue paint to stamp with the fork tines.

Fork print

I used green paint to stamp with the bottom of the chapstick.

Chapstick print

I used green paint again to stamp with the clip. It has a nice textured area with grooves. This was probably my favorite because it's more unique.

Clip print

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