10 Reasons Creating Art Brings Me Joy

Art Happy Joy

On the About page, I say that I want to share the joy I get from creating with others. So, I thought I would share with you why creating art makes me happy.

  1. Moving brushes and pens across paper is pretty fun. Especially when there's a lot of curvy lines, circles, or loops in a piece.
  2. Seeing all the pretty colors is nice. Those times when I happen to choose or mix the perfect color are even better. Times when I accidentally use a color I didn't want are fun, too because it leads me to taking the piece in a different direction than I had in mind.
  3. Sometimes, my original idea is completely changed and I end up creating something better than planned. Maybe I accidentally spilled some ink or reached for the wrong marker. Mistakes can turn into opportunities to take the piece in a new direction.
  4. Repeating marks or patterns is relaxing.
  5. I love the feeling of paint on my fingers. Sometimes I include finger painting in my pieces or I'll blend paint using my fingers.
  6. After finishing a piece, I feel a sense of accomplishment. This usually happens more when I like how it turned out or if it took a particularly long time.
  7. When using supplies like watercolors, you can get some unexpected results sometimes.
  8. Art can be used as a fun outlet for my thoughts and feelings.
  9. I find creating things fun. Which is probably pretty obvious.
  10. It provides me with some me time. Creating art is a nice quiet activity I can do when the world is a bit less quiet.

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